Visitor Q (unodoseskimo) wrote,
Visitor Q

Semi-Friends Only (don't be scared, baby)

Jamie / Jaeyu. Female. 19. Junhyung, Kai, Tiffany. ♥
Hardcore Dooseob, HunHan, and KaiSoo shipper.
My Guests are enabled, jsyk.

Hi hello. I'm Jamie, or Jaeyu, or whatever you feel comfortable calling me. I'm fluent in Korean and English. I'm pretty strict about the couples I ship, and generally won't write/read out of those ships. My friending policy is simple: you add, I add, yay. I do accept silent adders, but I hold the right to not friend you back if I decide I don't want to. Leaving a comment introducing yourself (fandom, ships, age, yada yada, etc, etc,) will definitely increase your chance of me friending back. ♥

All NC-17 fics older than one week are locked.
Add & drop a comment in this post only to be added back

EXO Fandom: KaiSoo / BaekYeol / HunHan / XiuHan / EverybodyHan / Kai's penis + me

SHINee Fandom: JongKey /2min / OnChicken

U-kiss Fandom: Elvin / 2shin / Dongho is my whore

BEAST Fandom Dooseob / Junseung / Junhyung = my ultimate bias.

Teen Top Fandom RickJoe / Ljoe needs to get in my pants

•All Fandoms
B2ST // EXO // Infinite // Block B // mblaq // snsd

•Non-K-pop Interests:
Bring Me the Horizon // Netflix // Transparent // The Walking Dead // piercings // dying my hair // linguistics // biology // sleeping

I am in my sophomore year of university. Updates will be scare. I'm still here, sorta, but I will not have the time to sit down and write. Feel free to add and talk to me, however!

And yes, I do have a tumblr.
Tags: welcome
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